Bike and bike parts catalogs

Care and feeding of your Campagnolo freewheel (997kb)

Stronglight product catalog, c.1983 (2.9MB)

Specialties TA product catalog, c.1983 (7.5MB)

Tange product catalog, c.1981 (4.9MB)

Campagnolo Triomphe product brochure (557kb)

Campagnolo Victory product brochure (562kb)

Columbus tubing catalog, c.1983 (5.6MB)

VAR catalog -- mid 1980s vintage (18MB)

Modern VAR tools catalog (10MB)

Zeus product poster; early 1980s

Bike decals and logos

My bike collection

Martin Manning's "Bicycle Geometry 101"

Hozan tool catalog (early 1980s)